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As a designer on etsy.com, I come across some amazing shops every day! On this blog, I’d like to share some of my favorites, as well as any other chic, lovely, and unique items or topics that come my way.  Hope you enjoy!

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I’ve always absolutely loved how jewelry can transform a look, from dressy to stylish to edgy, and I have made it for years to fit my own mood. Several years ago while living in NYC, I starting making pendent necklaces by wire wrapping beautiful natural stones and hanging them from delicate chain. Right away many of my friends asked for me to make them one, and I set out to find stones that I thought they’d love. Since then I’ve made more than I can count.

I love to work with Agate often because it comes in so many amazing colors and transparencies. It can have crystals (called druzy) or interesting inner ripples, and when faceted and shined will catch the light beautifully. Other stones I often use are labradorite, blue lapis (bright blue with flecks of gold), green and Picasso jasper, natural turquoise, and amethyst crystal rock. I hang these wire wrapped stones from either delicate or slightly heavier gold and silver chain for different looks – from dainty and girly to more funky.

Most of the stone pendents I use are completely one of a kind (in rare cases I find a few of a particular stone) – this means your necklace will be UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL!  Please visit jguilddesigns.etsy.com regularly to see my new pieces.

Jasper and Keshi Pearl Necklace



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