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Using the Smith Little Torch to Solder Jewelry

November 2, 2011 1 comment

Earlier this year, I started working with a small butane pencil torch, soldering small prong style settings and wire.  It opened up a whole new world of jewelry design, and I was instantly hooked!   After about five months of getting comfortable with soldering and a few classes at Dougherty Arts Center and Creative Side, I decided to upgrade to the Smith Little Torch, using acetylene and oxygen gas.  I asked around for several weeks, and this torch came up over and over again!  The torch itself is only about $200, but once you buy the tanks and gas, it quickly goes up to just under $500.  But well worth it!  This little guy can do detailed work, but also gets VERY hot, making it capable of all kinds of projects.  I’m getting a better feel for using it now, and if you are curious about this torch, don’t hesitate to comment!

The Lavender Druzy Necklace is one of my earlier soldered pieces,  created with the pencil butane torch.

Lavender Druzy Necklace

And now I have the right tool to solder more complicated bezel settings with the Smith Little Torch (Apatite, Picasso Jasper, and Plum Druzy Necklaces below).

Apatite Necklace in Sterling Silver

Picasso Jasper Necklace

Plum Druzy Agate Necklace


Love sparkling druzy as much as I do??!

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

This lovely pink druzy agate stone is wire wrapped with 14k gold filled wire and hangs on a short delicate 14k gold filled chain. A very unique druzy crystal that glitters like a million diamonds in the sun!

This stone was imported from Brazil and hand selected for its quality and color. It may look delicate, but agate is actually quite hard. I’ve never seen druzy this lovely shade of pink (this stone is completely natural and NOT dyed), making this necklace absolutely ONE OF A KIND!

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